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Paint Shop Pro Moderators
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12th-Jan-2006 05:30 pm - Update
happy bri

Hi, fellow mods!

I've been doing some work today over at psp7_beginners. (Yet again.)

I'm going through things month by month and trying to ADD any and all tutorials to the memories. (If they aren't currently there, of course.)

I'm also adding TAGS to all of these! That way if the memories are down, we'll still have things available via TAGS! Cool, huh?

The nice thing about adding tags is that if a person is using the S2 style, we don't need to comment to say we've added tags -- because they show up! (Unlike with memories.)

I plan to keep working at psp7_beginners until I finish it, then tackle the others...

I've been surprised by how many tutorials never made it into our memories, by the way! It's quite a few. (Including some done by various mods! LOL.)

So I'm thinking when I finish up that I'll post and let members know they can use the tags feature as well as memories -- and that we've updated these a ton. LOL.

Yeah, I still want to tackle the user info page rewrite, but I haven't been able to get up for that project. Hopefully soon, though!

Well, just wanted to update everyone!!! It's great to see how much people like these communities, isn't it?


11th-Oct-2005 11:38 pm - BELATED Birthday Greetings for Kevin!
bday candles

Seriously, Kevin, I'd meant to post your bday greetings to ALL of the PSP communities yesterday! I'm so very sorry I screwed that up. Man.


Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Kevin! kevinr
Happy Birthday!

I really do hope you had a GREAT day!

I'm so happy and honored to be part of your team...

6th-Oct-2005 12:08 am - BAD Tutorials -- psp8_fun

(So... Rather than keep a list in my personal blog, I wondered if I could keep one here? Cool?)


At psp8_fun:

Willow & Oz : Bright Lighting

Two (2) texture images are missing. (Makes it impossible to complete the tutorial.)
The entry ADVERTISES celygraphix (Was permission granted for this?)

= = = = = = = = = =

Icon Tut, Veronica Mars, PSP8

It links to textures outside the community.
The entire tutorial is in another journal!

= = = = = = = = = =

5th-Oct-2005 11:40 pm - Greetings, All!

I'm s l o w l y (!!!) working my way through a bunch of the older entries posted here.

Basically I'm hunting for things that didn't get answered decently the first time around, as well as trying to find tutorials that never got added to memories...

Anyway, here's my QUESTION:

What do we do with tutorials that are no longer able to be used (for one reason or another)???

For example, this tutorial references images that are no longer available. (Shades of Kevin's not wanting off-community links included!!! LOL.)

Do we DELETE? Comment that we're aware the tutorial no longer works? Try to contact the tutorial writer? Or what???

Thanks, guys!

ETA: Sorry!!! I just realized that the tutorial I linked above has an EDIT that fixes the problem! So it's fine. But I think the question is STILL a valid one, should we come up against tutorials that no longer work...


5th-Oct-2005 01:11 pm - Moderation MADNESS! LOL.
blinkie -- brian pink

(Yeah, I shared this in my own blog, here. But because it relates to our PSP communities, I thought I'd crosspost it here.)

Ask, and you shall receive...

Of course, it seems like there ought to be an EASIER way to do this!

Because Kevin kevinr originally waited to 'open' psp9_fun, he made it a 'moderated' community. No big deal -- right?

So apparently he, Charlie and I (and the other mods, maybe, too???) have ALL tried to change those settings, making the community unmoderated.

You go to the settings and see the community as unmoderated. That's cool. Except it's STILL moderated! So every so often (hopefully daily) I'd need to go in to 'members' and make sure each newbie had a checkmark to let them post! Not so good, huh?

So I wrote to LJ Support after hunting and hunting for an answer. (Obviously unsuccessfully.)

Turns out you have to go in and make sure NO ONE is checked as unmoderated. In other words, the unmoderated column needs to be completely clear. (Thankfully there are slightly less than 200 members there, as it has to be done one by one and saved by page of member names!)

Once you've cleared the last name from being unmoderated, that column just magically disappears! Now none of us moderators need to go there constantly to be sure all members have the access to post! (I wonder if they were even getting a message when they tried to post -- telling them they were moderated, I mean? Weird shit.)

And Speaking of MODERATION!!!Collapse )

Anyway, that was an interesting discovery! I wish I knew some place I could share that info for other mods who are pulling their hair out -- and not bothering to write to support for help. LOL.

Bed time!


3rd-Oct-2005 12:11 am - Howdy! Please Read
all my boys

Howdy, Becky, Katie, Charlie, Nikky-boy and Brian!

Please be sure you read this post.

(It's locked to only you five, by the by. Can't lock posts in a community, which is why it's in my own journal.)

Thanks, folks!

16th-Sep-2005 11:28 am - Greetings!
If you're reading this, then you've obviously joined here. LOL.

Anyway, I can see that Charlie's charliemc here, so I guess Kev kevinr approved you! (Hi, Charlie!)

And I just approved Becky beckyo, so that only leaves katiefoolery and nk_seashore. (Hi, Becky!)

Happily I know both of YOU from having you on my wonderful flist! I'm excited to know Kev better, though. And to eventually get to know the other assistant mods, too. (I think I've seen Nik at some of the Yahoo groups that MM and Charlie mod. Isn't that true, Charlie?)

Well, Kev gave me a thumbs up on rewriting the User Info pages for our communities. Very cool, huh?

What I want to do is that thing where you have the QUESTIONS at in the top section, linked to the answers, below. Does that make sense?

Anyway, basically is similar to what I did with the Fandom Definitions list (in my personal blog).

Obviously Kev just kept adding notes as he went along, so I think it could be a bit more organized, too. I'm not being critical, as it's clear all of you have done a great job with the communities for years! I'm absolutely impressed and awed... But Kev seems to think I could improve things, so I'll try hard -- with help from you guys, of course.

I'd also like to include some LINKS to important (and admin) posts, for example. And links to guides for tutorial writers and stuff like that.

Any and all thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Please chime in, guys. I hope to have this done -- and maybe in place -- by next weekend. (Well, that's my current goal, anyway! LOL.)

Thanks in advance. I'm so excited and happy to join your team!

Bri (who needs to go change the baby now...)
15th-Sep-2005 08:50 pm - Our PSP Communities
all my boys

Our Paint Shop Pro Communities

Paint Shop Pro version 7:

Paint Shop Pro version 8:

Paint Shop Pro version 9:

Paint Shop Pro -- Moderators (only):

~~KevinR, moderator
15th-Sep-2005 08:09 pm - Welcome, Friends!
all my boys


kevinr KevinR (a.k.a. Kevin, Kevin Royal, Kevvy), moderator

[assistants in alpha order]

beckyo Becky, assistant moderator

katiefoolery Katie (a.k.a. Buneater), assistant moderator

brn_gamble Brian (a.k.a. Brian Gamble, brn_gamble), assistant moderator

charliemc CharlieMC (a.k.a. Charlie), assistant moderator

nk_seashore Czar Nikky (a.k.a. Nik, Nikky, Nikky-boy), assistant moderator

Are you interested in being a moderator? Comment to this post, please.

~~KevinR, moderator